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Jan. Hallo zusammen, geh ich recht in der Annahme das Telekom Entertain ( Entertain TV Plus) zur Zeit nicht mit dem IGMPPROXY Funktioniert?. März Hat es jemand schon geschafft Entertain hinter einem "professionellen" Router mit Multicast-Unterstützung (Multicast-Routing) in Betrieb zu. 1. Nov. Hey liebes Telekom Team - ist es möglich von dem neuen Entertain wieder zurück auf das alte zu wechseln? Ich finde zwar die neue Funktion. Not pretty but useful. Check out our latest blog post about the 20th Maine! I too would like to know more about web 2. Dreambox-Logos von zorro69 und Wilfried. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Last post by Ted in Re: Edision Argus VIP 3. Like Phat and Bling Bling. I think that yobit exchange retrospect, things like ebay and napster will be seen as early precursors to the movement to 2. Telekom Magenta, Homematic, Innogy, usw. Hsv gegen frankfurt Cry of Freedom.

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Vegas trip before big move from Alaska! Hotel Advice for December. In one view, Web 2. They have become so internally complex that new Internet users cannot create analogous web-sites, but remain mere users of services provided by specialist professional experts.

Access to consumer-generated content facilitated by Web 2. These differing but complementary approaches provide Web 2. Basically, ideological lines run thusly: Still other sites perform collaboration and project management functions.

Java enables sites that provide computationally intensive video capability. Several browser-based "operating systems" or "online desktops" have also appeared.

They essentially function as application platforms, not as operating systems per se. These services mimic the user experience of desktop operating-systems, offering features and applications similar to a PC environment.

They have as their distinguishing characteristic the ability to run within any modern browser. Numerous web based application services appeared during the dot.

In WebEx acquired one of the better-known of these, Intranets. Rich Internet application Recently, rich-Internet application techniques such as Ajax, Adobe Flash, Flex and OpenLaszlo have evolved that can improve the user-experience in browser-based applications.

Syndication differs only nominally from the methods of publishing using dynamic content management, but web services typically require much more robust database and workflow support, and become very similar to the traditional intranet functionality of an application server.

Vendor approaches to date fall under either a universal server approach, which bundles most of the necessary functionality in a single server platform, or a web-server plugin approach, which uses standard publishing tools enhanced with API interfaces and other tools.

These methods all make use of the client computer to reduce the server workload. RSS file format The first and the most important step according to one point of view of evolution towards Web 2.

Specialized protocols such as FOAF and XFN both for social networking extend functionality of sites or permit end-users to interact without centralized web-sites.

See microformats for more specialized data formats. Due to the recent development of these trends, many of these protocols remain de facto rather than formal standards.

Often servers use proprietary APIs, but standard web-service APIs for example, for posting to a blog have also come into wide use.

You can help Wikipedia by improving weasel-worded statements. Given the lack of set standards as to what "Web 2. Many of the ideas of Web 2.

Amazon also opened its API to outside developers in Conversely, when a web-site proclaims itself "Web 2.

The argument also exists that "Web 2. Other criticism has included the term "a second bubble", suggesting that too many Web 2.

The Economist has written of "Bubble 2. The European Union application which would confer unambiguous status in Ireland remains pending app no after its filing on March 23, Levels of the Game: The Hierarchy of Web 2.

So let the little guy build the content for the big guys and this is Web 2. Sounds like the movie and recording industry.

The idea of letting others build your content is not new. To steal a phrase from Shakespeare 1. Variations on a theme. Not a good comparison at all, what you are saying is that the movie and recording industry was the definition of Web 1.

The movie and recording industry is not a website, it is what the name says an industry. Also in this "Web 2. This is lots more work than recording myself a home video of sorts and publishing it on the web.

It was difficult to get small productions spread. Now with this Web 2. You are correct in that this idea has been around for a long time, but it has never been this easy before.

Same idea, different way. What I said about Web 1. I made some comparisons mostly to show that Web 2. Like Phat and Bling Bling. If I were going to paint the web with numbers it would go like this.

Not pretty but useful. There is no WWW Internet 2. We all seem to be looking at the same thing. Some are saying "all this innovation and ease of use is Web 2.

Mostly I get a kick out of calling a business fad and business buzz words for what they are. Nothing but hot hair. Last post by Svensson in Re: Last post by Matt Lewis in Re: Salut tout le monde Tenford , Victorcin , retamar Last post by Grela in Re: Actividad on January 14, , Last post by Silen in Re: How do you make some Last post by Harald Wulfstan in Re: Last post by helenharry in Hello.

My name is Lyly on January 23, , Users active in past 15 minutes: Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email?

Entire forum Google News: Battle Cry of Freedom. No New Posts Redirect Board. Flying Squirrel Entertainment - Info Center. Community This board is for discussion pertaining to the community of Battle Cry of Freedom Moderators: General Discussion This board is for discussion pertaining specifically to Napoleonic Wars.

Community This board is for discussion pertaining to the community of Napoleonic Wars. Modifications For the discussion and promotion of Modifications for Napoleonic Wars.

In Development , Mapping. Released Modifications A place for all the released modifications for Napoleonic Wars.

Servers For the discussion and promotion of servers running Napoleonic Wars.

Vielen Stargames.com login für Ihr Interesse an unserer Seite! Schauen wir mal, wann der denn überhaupt kommt. Tags aller Mitglieder 1: Es ist Ihnen nicht erlaubtauf Beiträge zu antworten. Private Nachricht an Andreas69 schicken.

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Ich zappe lieber und vor allem schneller mit meiner alten dbox mit Neutrino, als mit dem MR. Vielen Dank für die Rückmeldungen! Die wichtigste Neuerung "Instant Restart" ist an sich eine tolle Sache, doch leider steht sie nur sehr eingeschränkt zur Verfügung und wenn man sie nutzt, ist eine Aufnahme der Sendung nicht mehr möglich. Andreas Wilke Senior Mitglied. Private Nachricht an Mavo schicken. Geändert von longitudinal Seit 8 Monaten nutze ich nun das neue Entertain TV 2.

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Die Schrift im EPG ist extrem klein, dünn und kontrastarm z. Suche alle Beiträge von Andreas Mit Ihrer Bewertung können wir die Telekom hilft Community weiter verbessern. Jetzt fehlen mir noch 2 MR, wird sich bei Ebay wohl auch noch günstig finden lassen. Entertain wurde leider in vielen Punkten "verschlimmbessert" und nur in wenigen verbessert. Der gehört gewatscht, aber von allen. Dass Update für den MR erwarte ich auch sehnlichst. Zitat von loox Ab 2. Suche alle Beiträge von longitudinal. Private Nachricht an eifelman schicken. Private Nachricht an Mot schicken. Ja Entertain 2.0 forum, ich brauche weitere Hilfe. Diese total bescheuterten Abdunklungen des halben TV-Bildes bei Einblendungen, gehören sofort abgeschaltet. Suche alle Beiträge von Gabriela sabatini freund Ich wünsche trotzdem allen einen schönen 3. Viele Fragen zu Entertain Comfort. Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an unserer Seite! Private Nachricht an CrushedBonez schicken. Ganz so dramatisch finde ich die Situation seit der neusten Generation nicht mehr. Aufnahmen zu starten funktioniert manchmal mit viel Glück, das Abspielen von Trailern ist mir bisher überhaupt noch nicht gelungen. Am Ende ist das aber alles eine Frage der Zeit. Kommt auf den MR an. Mich Interressieren da 2 Sachen besonders:. Dass Update für den Casino club berlin erwarte ich auch sehnlichst.


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